6 Steps to Protect Your New Suede Boots for Fall 2019

Fall has definitely arrived and it’s the season of all things suede.  We are major suede boot lovers and welcome this season with open arms but we know many people think suede is easily damaged and not worth the effort.  If you have a new pair of suede boots or you’re thinking about buying some, here are six simple steps to keep them looking good through fall and winter (and even for years to come). 

Step 1 - Use a suede brush (a toothbrush will do if you don't have one) to gently brush the suede in the direction of the nap.  This means the suede should look smoother and not feel like you are going against the grain.

Step 2 - Apply Magic Spray, our non-toxic suede and nubuck protector.  It's essential to protect your boots before you wear them out and about. This is a key factor in keeping them looking like new.  


To apply you simply spray the shoe until it is very wet and then use a soft brush (soft toothbrush is perfect) to rub in the liquid.  Repeat this step 15 minutes later.  By rubbing the spray into the surface you are encouraging the bonding of the nano particles which is what forms the protective barrier on top of the shoe.  After two applications set your boots aside for 24 hours to let the barrier fully form.  Then do a small test with water to see if the protection is in tact.  If the water rolls off the surface you are ready to go. 

Step 3 - Once satisfied that your shoes are protected you can brush the suede to keep it looking soft and smooth.  As you wear them throughout fall and winter feel free to brush as needed if you think dust is building up on the surface.

Step 4 - Suede is sensitive so store your shoes away from sunlight and humidity.  

Step 5 - Change up the shoes you wear daily.  Daily activity and the sweat from our feet impact our shoes so give them a break and change up your shoes allowing one pair to recover before you wear then again. 

Step 6 - Magic Spray lasts a minimum of six months and the protective barrier breaks down from impact….. so if you are tough on your shoes or wearing them a lot please check if the protection is still in tact by pouring a drop of water on a small area of the shoe.  If it rolls off then you don’t have to reapply.  If it soaks in then let your shoes sit for a day, brush out the water stain and reapply. 

We hope these steps and tips help you feel more confident to buy those suede boots you have been eyeing up or to wear the ones you have without worry. 

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