How to take care of Suede & Nubuck

If you are a shoe lover you’ve probably had that moment of hesitation when you see a beautiful pair of suede shoes you'd love to buy but which you know they will look damaged within weeks. There’s nothing worse than buying new shoes or a bag you love only to have it ruined in one downpour of rain.  Especially after you've spent your hard earned money on them.  While suede, nubuck and soft leathers are delicate leathers it doesn't have to be this way.  By applying a protector spray before you even walk out the door you are creating a barrier between your shoes or bag and the elements.  This barrier will prevent water damage, color fading and dust build up, keeping your shoes and bags looking good that much longer.  

Here's a few steps to take when you get a new pair of shoes or a bag in order to take care of your suede right from the start:

  1. Invest in a suede brush (easy to get on Amazon) and brush off any dust there might be on the surface (this should be minimal for new items).
  2. Once the surface area is clean apply Jak Snow’s Magic Spray to every part of the surface area making sure to brush it in gently with a soft brush (a new toothbrush will do the job).
  3. After letting the first coat dry for 15 minutes go ahead and apply a second coat in the same manner.
  4. Allow your shoes or bag to set for 24 hours to allow the spray to form a protective shield over the fabric.
  5. After 24 hours test your sprayed item with water drops to make sure the spray is working and the new barrier is in tact.

Don't worry, you can also protect suede shoes or bags that you've already used.  The first step with previously used items would be to use a suede wash to remove any old stains.  If they are just mildly worn a good brush with a suede brush should do the trick.  Make sure to always brush with the grain of the leather to keep it looking good while removing any light stains.  Once your shoes or bag is clean again you can follow the steps outlined above.  

Magic Spray lasts for between six months and one year, depending on how you wear your shoes.  Believe it or not some of us are rougher on shoes depending on our walk.  We suggest testing your shoes of bag after six months to see if water still rolls off the surface.  If it does then there's no need to reapply Magic Spray.  However if it doesn't roll off, then it's time to reapply.

One last tip that will help keep your leathers looking good no matter the season is to try and keep them in the coolest, driest part of your home.  Humidity tends to damage the leather and you definitely don't need them to get damaged while you aren't wearing them.  

If you have any questions about using Magic Spray don't hesitate to get in touch with us via the Contact Us link on the site or at  We are always happy to help.  


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