How to apply Magic Spray



To ensure a long lasting protective effect, all textile and leather surfaces should be clean and free of dirt or dust.  If you have used any cleaning agents, please rinse off with clean with water before applying Magic Spray.

Then follow these 3 steps below:

  1. Spray the clean surface evenly at a distance of about 5 -10 cm away until the surface is damp everywhere. Gently rub the spray into the surface with a soft clean brush to help the solution bond with the surface.
  2. Allow to dry for 15 minutes. Then repeat step one.
  3. Leave to air dry for 24 hours. Then test the protection level by putting a small amount of water on your shoe or bag to see if it rolls off.  If necessary re-apply to make sure the entire surface is covered and protected. 

Please note that different leathers and textiles require different amounts of spray depending on how absorbent they are.  We therefore always recommend checking if your shoe is protected already with small drops of water.  



- The application method is very important. If not followed properly, it can cause irregular protection or visible patches.

- When treating leather certain leathers may darken and colors will become more vivid.  Please test the surface in a small area in advance.

- Remove spray coating from non-absorbent materials before they dry. For example buckles, lace tips, etc. 

- For any shoes or other products that are mesh, netting or have holes, Magic Spray will not fill those air gaps and liquid will pass through.

- If eye contact occurs, flush eyes with water. If issue persists, please seek medical advice.

- Keep out of reach of children.

- Do not consume.